Though I spritzed some on my wrist anyway to find out how the


After a little time off, the City Council will reconvene tonight at 6 pm, but one ordinance that was passed on first read at the last meeting will not be voted on this evening . The legislation creating an Animal Control Commission that would and track measurable objectives to ensure a competent Animal Control program has hit a bit of a legal roadblock.

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The BVI team is composed of Kassia Nichols, 12, (Elmore Stoutt High School), Kurt Salapare, 11, (St Georges Primary), Arianna Angus, 10, (
“This championship is open to swimmers of all ages and levels so it will give our kids the opportunity to be exposed to world class age group competition while serving as an excellent prep meet for the OECS Swimming Championship in November,” said Coach and President of the BVI Swimming Federation, Elsworth Phillip, who is accompanying the Replica Hermes Bags

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Direction from Road Town- Turn in at Alphonso Garage (before you get to CTL), drive straight then make a right by Sherwin Williams Replica Hermes

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Beef steak or breadcrumbs accompanied by fries or vegetables >
Grilled or breaded chicken with fries or vegetables

* All the hot ones accompany rice, beans, pasta, farofa and salad of
Call and order:
966842135 (Viviane _ zap) – 973378153 (Bárbara_zap) – ☎ 34350207

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Coca 350ml = 4,00
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