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Bobby Hefka knew all about globalization long before there was such a word. A working class youth in Detroit, Hefka learned early about the components of globalization class, race, religion, prejudice, competition, But, what he really is the constancy of love. I find myself wondering I write the place does love have in the carnage that represents the end of the livelihoods of so much of the middle and working class in Detroit, and the here it is. We use a single point of contact because we have found that as our company or portfolio grows, the more times something is handed off the more chances are for things to be missed or forgotten or never received. With single point of contact our PM’s can do a boutique style of service while still growing our portfolio, this way they can each manage 130 175 doors each and know the owner and their specifics and tenants and their specifics. They have supporting staff (leasing assistants, accounting, business developer, senior PM) all these roles help support the PM to give that service to our clients.I like the idea of having a phone system. Or as Colin Powell put it in one of his better known speeches (and I paraphrase), should always seek the advice of experts, but remember that they too may have reached their peak in terms of relevant knowledge. This of course illustrates the inherent dangers of attempting to create a universal standard of operation and broadly applying it across a specific enterprise, let alone an entire industry sector or sectors. One such example of popular thought gone awry is the persistent belief in the merits of vendor rationalization strategies cheap jordans.

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