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Hermes Replica Handbags 21 meeting, Carithers said the regulation was being suggested, in part, because “we’re expecting some protests” on county properties if and when oil and gas exploration on those properties occurs.The advisory panel decided during last month’s meeting to hold off on recommending whether the Board of County Commissioners should adopt such a written permission requirement for public assemblies on parks and open space lands.Carithers said in a Thursday interview that after last month’s committee meeting, “we got a lot of feedback” from people who thought “we were taking away their opportunity to protest.”That was not the case, he said.”Our intent is just to keep the public safe” if and when any such demonstrations occur, Carithers said.The county staff has said that included trying to ensure the safety of the protesters themselves, the safety of any non protesting visitors to the parks and open space areas, and the safety of farmers working on open space they’re leasing from the county, if people try to demonstrate on any of that ag land that might also become the sites of oil and gas exploration and production.Jones said she and fellow Commissioners Deb Gardner and Cindy Domenico “were caught by surprise” and did not know about the proposed regulation until after learning that the advisory committee discussed it last month.She said the commissioners made it clear to the staff that they would not adopt such a rule for parks and open space properties.Jones said she thought the rule would send “the wrong message” to people who might want to protest about potential drilling on county owned lands.”The county is supportive of First Amendment rights,” she said.The county Parks and Open Space staff told advisory panel members last month that the proposed regulation would mirror an advance written permission public assemblies requirement already in place for such properties as the courtyard outside the county’s downtown Boulder office complex on the Pearl Street Mall and the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont.Current county policies generally restrict large group public assemblies which can be a variety of organized gatherings, and not just protests to those two locations.Jones said that “we are getting ahead of ourselves” in thinking about any regulation related to protests that might occur at the startup of any drilling activities on county owned land, since neither state regulators nor Boulder County have given final approval to any specific locations where oil and gas companies might seek to put wells pads and related facilities.It’s “sort of hypothetical” at this point, she said.Michelle Krezek, the commissioners’ staff deputy, said that some of the potential drill pad sites would be on private property over which the county holds conservation easements limiting future development on those lands but where the county does not actually own the property itself or the mineral rights underneath it.Krezek and Jones noted that there is no general public access available on tenant farms on county owned open space, unless the tenant farmer approves such visits Hermes Replica Handbags.