Was soon replaced by another vaccine that contained


Public health: Compulsory vaccination French caught by the law and
Vaccination is important and nobody wants to see his child catch diseases as terrible as diphtheria, tetanus, polio and all the diseases that vaccination could

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In June 2008, the DTP vaccine was suddenly withdrawn from the market, without any real reason, without warning the doctors, the pharmacists, the families, the first ones. Was soon replaced by another vaccine that contained, this time, the vaccine (The three mandatory vaccines: Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio contain aluminum and when an infant receives these products, it is injected between 600 and 650 micrograms of aluminum which is an impressive concentration if we know that the water to be considered as drinking must not contain more than 100 micrograms by

C’est a toxic metal, often years later, wherever it is stored:


This adjuvant is intended to stimulate the immune deferences of the child who are not yet in place and would justify a very early vaccination at 2
These Super-vaccines contain the DTP plus one or more vaccines that are not mandatory: they are “recommended”. They have also become 2 to 7 times more expensive than the old vaccine DTP become
This is a sale “tied” or “imposed” and it is
Early 2015, Super-vaccines containing 4 or 5 diseases have disappeared in their turn!

Since then, only one vaccine remains in pharmacies, the Hexavalent Super-vaccine (6 diseases) which is the biggest…

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