We alleviate poverty, empower people to become entrepreneurs – iRaisers

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By Providence Obuh

iRaisers International, weekend, said that its interest areas are to empower people financially and train them on specific skills to become entrepreneurs and thereby alleviating poverty in the society.

iRaisers is an empowerment based membership program, a Non Government Organisation (NGO) created out of passion to raise people without exception to achieve financial freedom with objective of reducing poverty. It is also a network marketing plan that  help people invest $16.

Speaking at the inaugural award in Lagos, Nigerian Representative/Chairman Award Committee, Mr. Innocent Echem, said that the organisataion empowers people that are financially constrained in their interest areas of business, specialising in supporting and helping people achieve their dream due to the level of poverty resulting from lack of unemployment, poor housing, inadequate health care provisions, dearth of essential infrastructure such as roads, electricity that could induce investments that would create job opportunities.

According to him, “this initiative is focused on helping Nigerians discover the secret of economic and financial prosperity and encourage people not to focus on paid employment that would not guarantee financial freedom.” Also, Africa Representative for iRasers, Mr. Bukky Ajayi, added that microfinance is different from iRasers because people provide collateral to get loan while iRaisers is collateral free.

He added that iRasers partners are monitored after collecting the loan to ensure proper use of the loan. According to Ajayi, “iRasers is a programme designed by a company to help people achieve their dreams in life. That is why it is an NGO because it only require you to partner with them with just little amount of money.

“Whether you are a partner or not you can attend the free skill acquisition programme such as liquid soap making, computer engineering, solar installer, among others. It is an entrepreneur because people refer people and also involve their token amount. The commission for bringing people on board is enough to become an entrepreneur. “Nigeria is benefiting because we help the needy, we go to schools to render help, orphanages and rehabilitation homes in order to make people’shope restored.

The program has come to better peoples’ lives and alleviate poverty and restore them back to life. The economic situation is making people unable to achieve, but with irazer you can achieve something,” he said. Meanwhile, he said that there is a compensation plan that helps people to qualify to get money when they introduce people and another level for incentives, just as he pointed out that 27 people were awarded with laptops to further create awareness of the program.