What we can be almost sure about is that sports drink are not


Apply a dry spotter. Cover with an absorbent pad that has been dampened with dry spotter. Let it remain in place as long as any stain is being removed. This would be of real benefit in situations where athletes have limited access to fluids or can’t take frequent toilet breaks.But the current evidence is not good enough to inform the public about the benefits and harms of sports products. What we can be almost sure about is that sports drink are not helping turn casual runners into Olympic athletes. In fact, if they avoided these sugar laden drinks they would be probably be slimmer and so faster.Alberto Dolci, Course leader MSc Sport Exercise Nutrition, Lecturer in Exercise Environmental Physiology and Exercise Immunology, University of Westminster.This article was originally published on The Conversation.Hawke’s Bay TodayBay winemaker picks up major international accolade Bay’s red wine reputation gets major boost through international syrah win.Bay of Plenty TimesTauranga Black Sticks in top form Tauranga Hockey has plenty to be proud of after Black Sticks’ series win over India..

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