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Replica Valentino Bag (NASDAQ: LULU) and Aeropostale Inc. (NYSE: ARO). Both specialty retailers are in highly competitive spaces. Eating disorders in teenagersWomen and girls are most likely to be affected by eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia, compared to 11% of men and boys having these conditions.A teenager with anorexia refuses to maintain a normal body weight. Someone with bulimia has repeated episodes of binge eating followed by compulsive behaviours such as vomiting or the use of laxatives to remove the food.People with bulimia go through cycles of eating enormous amounts of foods followed by purging by vomiting, laxative use, diuretics or hours of aerobic exercise.How can I tell if my teenager has an eating disorder?Warning signs of bulimia include:Extreme preoccupation about weightStrict dieting followed by high calorie eating binges Overeating when distressedFeeling out of controlDisappearing after a mealDepressive moodsAlcohol or drug abuseFrequent use of laxatives or diureticsExcessive exercising Irregular menstrual cycles What causes eating disorders in teenagers?There is no one cause of an eating disorder. Experts link eating disorders to a combination of factors, such as family relationships, psychological problems and genetics Replica Valentino Bag.