Where did that come from? Where did they ever even hear this


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Canada Goose Jackets In February, a group of prominent New Zealanders demanded an independent inquiry into historical state abuse and led an open letter petition with support from the Human Rights Commission that garnered almost 12,000 signatures. The open letter, an independent petition and the stories of hundreds of survivors of state abuse many taken and abused while children were presented by survivors to MPs on the steps of parliament last month.”We suspect that Mori children were taken for little or no reason at all and were more likely to be taken from their whanau than other children: but until we have an inquiry we will never know for sure,” said Dame Susan.”One man who survived horrific abuse in psychiatric institutions said he did not feel like a New Zealand citizen until he was able to live in his community with his family. Our call for justice is about basic human rights and we urge our Government to do the right thing and act on these recommendations.” Canada Goose Jackets.