Zambia denies entry to South African entertainer, Zodwa WaBantu

South African entertainer, Rebecca Libram, popularly known as Zodwa Wabantu. Pic taken online.

By Staff Reporter

ZAMBIAN authorities have denied entry to South African entertainer, Rebecca Libram, popularly known as Zodwa Wabantu to come and perform at the official album launch of one of their country’s music artist.

According to the country’s National Arts Council (NAC), the application submitted by Wabantu’s promoter did not comply with the three calendar months requirement notice as per the NAC Act number 31 of 1994 under Statutory Instrument number 129 of 1995 section 5.

NAC also argued that based on the preview of some of her shows in other countries, the continuation of the show in Zambia will be contrary to public interest and would undermine Zambia’s values.

In a reply to the promoter, Sunset Sound Production, Adrian Chipindi who is National Arts Council of Zambia Director, said Wabantu is not allowed to perform in Zambia and has advised her promoter to appeal to the Minister of Tourism and Arts within 21 days.

This is not the first time Wabantu has faced difficulties in accessing neighbouring countries.

Last year in August, she was banned by Zimbabwean authorities because of her non-panty theme.

The Tourism and Hospitality Ministry ruled that the Durbanite, famous for her sultry moves and revealing clothes, will not be allowed to perform at the Harare International Carnival.

This happened after Zimbabwean actress, Anne Nhira, complained to the tourism board that Wabantu should not be invited into the country because she was she dressed scantily.