Africa’s week in pictures: 2-8 October 2020


by bbafrica

A selection of the week’s best photos from across the continent and beyond:

A mother carries her child on her back as she walks past murals featuring graphic prints and two elaborately dressed figures.
image captionA mother and her child pass a giant mural in South Africa’s main city of Johannesburg on Friday.
A Tunisian child wears a face shield in a school in Tunis. It features cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants.
image captionOn the same day in Tunisia, this boy wears his protective visor to school.
Brigid Kosgei raises her arms as she crosses the finish line.
image captionWorld record-holder Brigid Kosgei, who hails from Kenya, wins the London Marathon on Sunday for the second year in a row.
Officials unseal the sarcophagus in front of cameras.
image captionOn Saturday, camera crews and onlookers crowd around as Egypt’s antiquities officials open a 2,500-year-old sarcophagus for the first time.
A farm worker climbs a palm tree to pick dates during the annual harvest season in Dahshour village, Giza, Egypt.
image captionStill in Egypt on the same day, this man harvests dates from the tree.
A gallery worker poses with an artwork entitled The Yellow Shawl (L) alongside The Green Sari (R) by South African artist Irma Stern.
image captionThese pieces by South African artist Irma Stern are among the Modern and Contemporary African Art items for sale at Sotheby’s in London on Friday.
A woman stands with hand sanitiser at the entrance of the Great Mosque as hundreds of thousands of Senegalese Mouride Brotherhood pilgrims gather for the annual Grand Magal festival.
image captionMouride brotherhood pilgrims are welcomed to the Great Mosque of Touba in Senegal on Monday, for the annual Grand Magal festival.
Women, wearing beaded clothing, sing and march during the festivities.
image captionIn Ethiopia on Saturday, these women from the Oromo community take part in Irreechaa celebrations…
People soak flowers in water.
image captionThe annual thanksgiving festival traditionally marks the end of the rainy season and ushers in the harvest…
Men and women dressed in white robes walk to attend Irreechaa celebrations.
image captionThis year’s festival was limited by authorities to 5,000 people to prevent the spread of coronavirus – but some say it is an attempt to stop protests during a period of heightened political tension.