Algeria’santi-terror law’ criticized


Ahmed Rouaba BBC News

A draft Algerian law that proposes stripping citizenship from people who “commit acts deemed to harm the state’s interests, the national unity or joins a terrorist organisation” has been widely criticised and ridiculed.

The government has not said why the proposals, which if adopted would make some Algerians stateless, are necessary.

President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has been facing mounting pressure from Algerians at home and abroad who are dissatisfied by his performance.

Social media users have called the draft law an “attempt to silence” the diaspora calling for change and supporting the popular protests in the country.

One user called Akram Belkaid tweeted: “Unable to control the diaspora as it used to in the 1970s, the Algerian government is planning to remove citizenship of those they consider as the enemy of the nation. Making things better by making them worse.”

Former cabinet minister Abdelaziz Rehabi described the draft law as “useless and a threat to the stability of the country”.