Anambra State: Governorship elections started peacefully


The Anambra State governorship elections holding today has started on a good and peaceful note, as it is billed to be one of the most anticipated governorship elections in the history of Nigeria. Thanks to the robust security arrangements put in place by the police and the stern warning given to them by the IGP . mu legend zen online From the records of INEC, it has the highest number of candidates (37) in Nigeria’s electoral history. Before the elections started today, there was a lot of anxiety in the minds of the over 2.1 million registered voters, who were particularly concerned about the roles of Godfatherism, zoning, political vendetta and IPOB threat to boycott. The reason this election is holding today and not in 2019 with those of most other states is due to the controversial nature of Anambra politics. In the 2003 Anambra governorship election, the PDP, under former President Obasanjo hatched the perfect heist that snatched the mandate of the then winner, Peter Obi, who contested under APGA. The then PDP flag-bearer, Chris Ngige, emerged winner against the people’s mandate. It took three years of serious court battles for Mr. Obi to win back his mandate. mu legend redzen for sale Mr. Ngige was sacked by the Court of Appeal in March 2006 and Mr. Obi was sworn in two days later. Interestingly today, almost all the characters that played a role in the 2003 controversy realigned under different parties to continue the unending battle for power.

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