Anti-corruption: Association wants clubs in schools


Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria has advocated for the introduction of anti-corruption clubs in schools in order to tackle corruption early in children.

The association made the position known today at its national leadership training retreat in Jos.

The body also said that it is committed to the fight against corruption and believe that positive results would be achieved in the long run if anti-corruption clubs are established in schools.

Dr Ekaete Ettang, National President of the association said that character education involves teaching children basic human values including honesty, kindness and contentment.

Ettang said that association was committed in inculcating positive values into the lives of children in their tender ages up to maturity to make them future servant leaders and change agents.

“We will devote ourselves to producing leaders and citizens with godly values that are not truncated and who will serve others with patriotism, servant hood, stewardship, integrity and humility.”

“We realize that unity of purpose and commitment are necessary for achieving the right Christian education which is foundational for a prosperous and successful future.

“For this we will develop curriculum for Christian education that is above human common sense based on revealed knowledge of God.

“It will integrate appropriate systems for teaching and training our children for them to make righteous moral judgments to guide their actions and conducts, she said.

Evang. Mathew Owojaiye, a cleric, in remark lamented that the future of children was as stake as some were already to the world and to the devil.

He said that urgent situations demand urgent response and urged all parents to go the drawing to identify things that went especially as relates to morals.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of the training retreat is “speaking with one voice as yesterday”.