Digital platform facilitates travel for Africans [Travel TMC]



When it comes to travelling with an African passport, challenges often experienced range from discrimination, prejudices based on the country of origin to difficulty obtaining a visa.

All is not lost since every day initiatives are created to try to find solutions to such problems.

Herein comes “Countless Miles”, a digital travel platform created by Moni Baruwa

“I was discriminated against at the Chinese visa centre, despite the fact that I had all the necessary documents to apply for my visa. So it was quite discouraging, but it strengthened my determination and confirmed the importance of our mission as a company…”

The digital platform was created to empower Africans to travel as they see fit. After a market study, Moni and her teams are now able to provide solutions to problems encountered on many African journeys.

The platform is still under development, and the new website will soon be up and running!

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