“I don’t know the father of my child because of the number of men I have slept with” 17 year old girl admits


A 17 year old girl identified as Goodness Akpan, revealed that she has no idea who the father of her child is because of the countless number of men she has slept with. She made this confession on Monday, at the Lagos State Police Command in Ikeja where she was paraded alongside other suspected sex workers.

According to Goodness, who was a student of Comprehensive Secondary School in Akwa Ibom State, she was brought to Lagos by her sister when she got pregnant and couldn’t figure out who the father was.

She denied being a sex worker saying she was enticed into having sex and she liked it which made her unable to control herself. She revealed she had slept with countless men and as such, had no idea who the father of her child was.

“If I tell you that I know the father of the baby, I am lying because I slept with many men and they were countless before I discovered that I was pregnant” She told PM Express.

The few men she told she was pregnant, denied being the father. She had to confess to her sister when she became confused and wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Her sister brought her to Lagos and convinced her to keep the pregnancy.

Goodness on her arrival to Lagos, was taken to a church where she stayed until she gave birth to her child. She was later arrested by the police on the suspicion of being a victim of Human trafficking as it was gathered she and the founder of the church allegedly planned to sell her new born baby.

The pastor and founder of the church, Divine Yard of God Ministry, Iyana Ota area, Pastor Pemi Udoh, denied making any plans to sell the child saying she only assisted Goodness and her sister Angela to deliver the baby. She said she was surprised when the police came and arrested her

Source: PM Express