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Dressing for the weather- When it gets hot, stay haute!

It’s the start of the weekend, and I know we have loads planned for our weekends, but who’s noticed how hot the weather has been, the sun is on full intensity these days thus how do we help ourselves? By dressing to suit this clime. Wearing the right clothes will go a long way to give us comfort while staying stylish. Yes it’s time to put away those sweaters and other thick pieces for the cold, and whip out our sweet breezy pieces, styled perfectly for this weather. Here are a few ways to ensure you stay hot in this heat.

Cropped and sneaks


Breezy cropped blouses like this are very nice for a nice girls day out with friends. Keep it simple with sneakers. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is for you to not break sweat. And having your hair in an updo keeps it off your shoulders, warding off the discomfort and staying chic still.

Wear breezy fabrics


Lighter fabrics allow air pass through easily, and breezy styles help free flow of air. A chiffon palazzo is ideal for a hot weather situation, even though it’s long, it doesn’t hug you and it gives you skin room to breath. Now that’s true comfortable fashion.

Sleeveless is always an option


Tanks, and sleveless jackets are still timelessly stylish. The hat and the shades keep the sun out of your eyes and protects you from sunburns. If you’re headed to a stylish event, then this outfit is surely a way to keep it haute in this heat.

Shorts please!


Yass! When in doubt wear a chic pair of shorts. If you are conservative and do not like to wear super short shorts, then the trick I use is to wear flats if my shorts are tight to keep the attention away from my legs (You know heels elongate the legs) also, you could try wearing free shorts that don’t hug you, with sneakers. You’ll feel more comfortable.

Of course always have your shades, hats, and sunscreen on hand. Do have a fab weekend.

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