ECOWAS leaders advocate birth control to stop population eruption


Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, has called for ways to prune down on the birth rate in the West African region to arrest possible population explosion and bring it under control.

According to Salifou Diallo, Speaker of the Burkina Faso parliament, deputies of Ecowas, Mauritania and Chad should be aiming to cut back the birth rate to three children per woman.

He explained that this was necessary to cut down birth rate by half by 2030, in a region that has the highest fertility rates in the world.

Diallo urged countries to adopt measures, including universal access to family planning, improved education for women and better health care of children, to bring about “a rapid, voluntary decline” in the birth rate.

With an average fertility rate of 5.6 children per woman, the highest in the world, the population in the 15-nation West African regional bloc will reach a billion people by 2050 if no changes are made, according to UN estimates, AFP reports.

“We are in asituation of uncontrolled demography and we cannot hope for development with such a situation,” Diallo warned.

“It is urgent to contain the demographic push in the Ecowas space to promote real, viable and durable development.”

“Young people represent two thirds of the population,” said Marcel De Souza, president of the Ecowas Commission.

“This youth, when it doesn’t find any solutions, becomes a bomb: they cross the desert or the Mediterranean, die by thousands through clandestine immigration,” he added.

Adrien Houngbedji, president of Benin’s parliament, said the region’s politicians must decide themselves on the balance between controlling the birth rate and improving the quality of life.