Egypt TV host shuns Twitter after pro-president poll fiasco


Cairo – An Egyptian TV host and staunch supporter of the country’s army-chief-turned-president has shut down his Twitter account after his improvised poll in favour of President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi backfired.

Ahmed Moussa had asked followers on Thursday to say whether they would re-elect el-Sisi for another term in office. The page later showed about 1 500 had voted and that 80% said “no”.

Moussa then deactivated his Twitter page, later saying on Facebook that his account was hacked and that in fact 90% had voted in favour of el-Sisi’s second term.

He posted: “People say: we can’t do without you O President.”

The fiasco went viral on social media with some saying Moussa’s account may not have been hacked, but that he was simply embarrassed by the results of the poll.