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Fake billboard photo pokes fun at Kenyan flour prices

Peter Mwai BBC Reality Check, Nairobi

A doctored image of a billboard purporting to thank the Kenyan president for reducing the price of maize flour by less than a cent is circulating on social media.

It features President Uhuru Kenyatta and a packet of maize flour, saying the price has been reduced by two Kenyan shillings ($0.02, £0.01).

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A very small reduction in the price of a 2kg packet is expected after the government recently scrapped levies on maize imports.

It appears someone on Twitter is poking fun at the policy having little real impact on consumers given food prices have risen by 14% over the last year.

We have traced the original image of the billboard to a post by an advertising agency in May that featured a fries and chicken advert.

The original image was a post by an advertising agency in May
Firmbridge AdvertisingCopyright: Firmbridge Advertising
While some online users have detected that the image has been manipulated, others appear to believe it, with one posting: “It’s infuriating. How much did they spend on the billboard?”

An increase in food prices has become an issue of concern with the country heading into elections next month.

The latest government figures show that the inflation rate went up from 7.1% in May to 7.9% in June.

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