French genocide trial urged for Rwandan ex-officer


BBC World Service

French anti-terrorist prosecutors have asked for a Rwandan former policeman to stand trial in Paris for genocide and crimes against humanity in his homeland in 1994.

Philippe Hategekimana has been held in France for two years since his extradition from Cameroon, where he was arrested on a French warrant in 2018.

He has accused of putting up checkpoints where ethnic Tutsis were slaughtered in the southern town of Ntyazo, and of complicity in the murder of the town’s mayor Narcisse Nyagasaza.

About 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda in 100 days in 1994 by ethnic Hutu extremists, many of whom later fled the country.

They were targeting members of the minority Tutsi community, as well as their political opponents, irrespective of their ethnic origin.

Last month, a report by French historians said France bore “heavy and overwhelming responsibilities” over the genocide but found no evidence of French complicity.