‘I can date a poor man’ – Ani Amatosero


Effixzzy Magazine publisher/CEO Effixzzy Production, Ani Amatosero, is back on the block and she is poised to release two new movies entitled ‘Guy Next Door ‘ and ‘Edge of Darkness’. Read her recent interview after the cut…

Describe your ideal man?

“I don’t have any perfect description of my ideal man. All I know is that there is a man God has made to be my husband. The mistake most women make is that they see their boyfriends as husbands and husbands as boyfriends. He doesn’t have to be rich, so long he has a vision that he is working towards. Most women marry the wrong men because of what they look out for in marriage, things like money, security, fame and so on. They forget that when you finally settle into the marriage and you don’t see all these things, the love simply fades; it is good for a woman to be hard working. When you do that, your husband will be your supporter and not an access to riches. I don’t want to be a woman saved by a prince, I want to be a queen that is an asset to her king.

Can you date a poor guy?

Yes, why not? I can date a poor guy. Any hard working woman will not look at the pocket of any man; you don’t marry a man’s present but his future. For such women, the mantra is ‘it can only get better’. Like I said earlier, my ideal man must have a vision and must be hard working. And let me add, a man with a vision is not a poor man. Wealth is not how much you have, but rather, how many lives that you can touch. Do you agree with her?

Meanwhile her two movies will be released this March.