Investment One Launches Ziing Digital Banking App to Revolutionize Financial Services in Nigeria


The Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by digital technology is shaping sectors across the globe, from Agriculture, Sports, Petrochemicals, Biometrics, Science, Security and Intelligence amongst others.

The Global Financial Services industry is not left out of the digital revolution, and the banking system in nations like Nigeria is adopting unique services that are digital-led.

Investment One Financial Services Limited, a strategic investment banking group, is taking advantage of this by launching “Ziing” a revolutionary digital banking App, that is set to provide cutting edge services to customers.

At the official launch of the “Ziing” the Group Managing Director of Investment One Mr. Nicholas Nyamali, explained to customers, associates and partners the value proposition of the App.

According to him “Ziing” App is a tool that gives customers the opportunity to take control of their money and investments.

“Ziing is the revolutionary banking app that goes beyond payments, and gives customers the access to  mutual funds, treasury bills, international money transfer, investment education, savings, investment information and alternative investments” Nyamali said.

Speaking further Mr Nyamali asserted that the digital banking App helps customers, to plan payments, savings and investments with ease.

The Ziing Digital Banking App will also provide the following;

·         Investment Information

·         Financial Education

·         Access to Investment Opportunities

·         Helps Customers to track their expenses

·         Brings return on Idle funds

·         Less Charges compared to other services

Ziing is poised to boost financial inclusion for the growing millennial population in the country, who are tech savvy.

It also helps customers to set financial goals from house rent, daily contribution and even the ability to set funds to pay school fees and other obligations.

The platform has  a  robust process for registering customers from KYC , Personal Details, Next of Kin, Banking details, Employment status amongst others.

The App is available on Google Play Store while the IOS version is being developed, while further information is available on the website