Meet the Burundian designer working for Louis Vuitton


Samba Cyuzuzo BBC Great Lakes

A Burundian designer working for Paris-based Loius Vuitton has told the BBC how he hopes to change his home country.

Pierre Hardy Mwete – whose mother wanted him to become a doctor – wants to change the perception of the fashion industry and tap young talents.

“When you speak of fashion and tailoring, many Burundians think of people on streets with tailoring machines to repair clothes,” Mwete told BBC Great Lakes.

He plans to start a fashion school in Burundi.

“I want to change this mindset, I want to start a fashion school in Burundi that will teach fashion, just like other careers, and create jobs for talents who do not have chances today,” he said.

Many Burundians consider fashion design to be the least paying job and discourage young people.

Mwete, 23, studied fashion design in Paris and got employed by Louis Vuitton.

He has designed various pieces but hopes he can give back to his native Burundi and impact the fashion industry there.