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Heartbreaking IDP camp living conditions – Oluwaloniglory OmoJesu

Whatever kept me awake till 1am today to watch that documentary on TVC wasn’t for my good. I’m bitter! I’m very bitter today!! This day is ruined, I’m going to manage to drag myself out of my bed because of scheduled appointments. Have you seen a documentary on people living in IDP camps? I saw a woman of about 70yr rolling on the floor like a little child because she had not had anything to eat in days. I saw little children evidently malnourished crying for food and water. I couldn’t believe the situation is as serious as what I saw this morning. They claimed the government of Nigeria has never brought any food or relieve materials to them since they got to that camp. And I asked myself, the billion of Naira budgeted for displaced persons; where is it? This is the same people their 60 trailer of rice from the FG disappeared. In Nigeria, 60 trailer disappeared without trace! Who is fooling who? Someone want them dead! But over what? As if that was not enough; the documentary on those camping in Chad is heartbreaking. The camp is 80% of children who lost contact with their parents during the insurgency. Reuniting them with their parent isn’t an easy task according to officials of ICRC. Since last year, only nine out of the thousands of children has been united back to their families. The reunion was very emotional! A boy was reunited with his grandmother, he had lost both parents in the “war”… The sight of this broke me.. The pains written all over them! A little girl couldn’t recognise the half sister, the only family left for her in this world. Very emotional! Whoever has a hand in Boko haram shall be uprooted with his entire generation from the face of the earth. But in a sane country; these people will be the priority of the government and not pilgrimage. If Buhari doesn’t care about his own, how then can you expect that he will care for others…. This is beyond me! And Smh, do we not have Dangote? Why can’t his CSR dept focus on these people? What about the idiot ‘Mohammed Ndimi’ who donated $14m to a university in America? Just because his daughter(s) graduated from the uni….. Hmmmmmm! I’m blank now…………………..!

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