Physician cautions nursing mothers fond of breastfeeding while lying down


A Medical Practitioner, Dr. Ayopo Adeyemi, on Thursday, warned nursing mothers against breastfeeding while lying down as the baby runs the risk of aspirating the milk.

Adeyemi told newsmen in Lagos that when a nursing mother is too tired while breastfeeding and sleeps off, the baby might aspirate the milk, which would not be noticeable until days after it had done some damages.

She said if this was not noticed early enough, the child might be unable to breathe and eventually die.

“Breastfeeding while lying down is no doubt very convenient for a nursing mother as it allows her rest while nursing her baby but it has some risks.

“The child runs a risk of aspirating the milk while being fed, and this may not be noticeable, especially if the  mother sleeps off while feeding.

“If not noticed early enough, child will be unable to breathe and eventually die,” she said.

Adeyemi said another risk factor was that the mother may unknowingly cover the baby’s nose while feeding, such that the baby would be unable to breathe.

The medical practitioner, therefore , advised mothers to sit up while breastfeeding their babies.



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