Police storm German refugee center following failed deportation


Hundreds of police were deployed to a refugee center in Southern Germany on Thursday following the failed deportation of an asylum seeker to Togo.

Several people were arrested at the centre in the city of Ellwangen and no less than one man was taken away in a police vehicle to another location, though it was unclear whether it was the 23-year-old asylum seeker.

The operation followed a failed attempt to deport the man to the West African nation of Togo on Sunday, during which police said the situation became too dangerous for them to proceed.

Then, about 150 to 200 refugees are said to have surrounded the patrol cars and harassed the police, eventually forcing them to hand over the keys to the man’s handcuffs.

Several people were injured in Thursday’s operation, including refugees who jumped from the windows of the shelter.

Three police officers were also slightly injured, but were able to continue with their work.

“The emergency services had had work to do. They were still intending to deport the man. No further details would be given until the operation was over,’’ a police spokesman told reporters outside the centre.

Police arrived at the former army building early in the morning in several dozen buses and cordoned off the streets.

Meanwhile they were on standby, some were wearing protective clothing, while medical staff were also present.