President Buhari restates commitment to a safe Nigeria

PRESIDENT BUHARI RECEIVES MEMBERS OF BMO&DSG: 1. PRESENTATION: President Muhammadu Buhari recevies presentation from the National Coordinator of BMO Dynamic Support Group, Hon Usman Ibrahim. Others are Alhaji Mahomud Adhama, National Secretary Isaac Peace Agunloye, Deputy National Coordinator Chief Chinedu Onwukwe, National Political Adviser, Dr Marwan Abdulkarim during an audience at the State House Friday in Abuja. PHOTO; SUNDAY AGHAEZE. JULY 19 2019.

By Ime Njoku

President Muhammadu Buhari says he remains committed to a safe Nigeria.

Speaking at the State House on Friday, while receiving the executives of Muhammadu Buhari/Osinbajo (MBO) Dynamic Support Group led by the National Coordinator, Usman Ibrahim, Buhari said his administration is focused on having a Nigeria, where families will be safe.

He urged the leaders of MBO support group to spread the message that he remains committed to securing the country.

“Our vision for change is to have a safe and secured country for our citizens, a vibrant and inclusive economy that provides jobs and livelihood for our young and energetic population and of course a governance system that is free of corruption, where every Nigerian has the same opportunity.

“As leaders in your various communities, I urge you all to take the message back to your community. It is not about politics, religion or tribe. It is about having a Nigeria where our family will be safe and our children we have plenty opportunities to earn a living and have a comfortable lives.” the President stated.

Thanking the group for the hard work and dedication during the 2019 elections campaign, he said that his administration is committed to delivering on its mandate.

“I thank you all for the hard work, commitment and dedication you showed during campaigns, specifically how you conducted yourselves in a peaceful and patriotic manner. I want to assure you all that as a government we will not let you down,” he pledged.

Earlier, the National Coordinator of MBO Dynamic Support group, Ibrahim Usman noted that Nigerians have a lot of confidence in President Buhari thus his re-election in the 2019 presidential election.

Referring to the President, Usman said: “The masses and the commoners renewed their trust in you, as they believe you are capable of taking them out of mystery and suffering.”

He said MBO is doing its best to transit into a foundation that will preserve the legacies of President Buhari, which would be transmitted to the younger generation.

The Coordinator also said the group was proposing a summit on how to achieve the ‘Next Level’ agenda of the Buhari administration.

He praised the effort of officers and men of the Nigerian Armed Forces, for sacrificing themselves, to maintain peace and order across the country.