Rengus Digital: Digital platform helping to make African roads safer


Eric Oteng  

Technology has profoundly changed the way we communicate, work, interact and live together. This is the fourth industrial revolution.

A revolution that Gabonese entrepreneur, Madeleine Orlane Renguila does not want to be a mere spectator. She has set up Rengus Digital, a platform to secure roads in Africa.

How does it work? First of all, it is a matter of segmenting transport documents necessary for the free movement of a vehicle, i. e. driving licence, vehicle registration document, vignette among others.

The start-up does not present itself as a driving school nor a transport department, but as an online platform linking users, the police in charge of road checks, independent state-certified instructors, learner drivers and self-assessment centres.

According to Madeleine Orlane Renguila, Rengus Digital meets the need for security in the preparation of transport documents, using a tamper-proof digital process.

It therefore strengthens road safety rules in the context of a partnership with countries that will obviously be interested. The system helps fight fraud, falsification of transport documents, racketing of transporters, corruption, and above all, misappropriation of funds from state coffers in traffic offences.