Sokoto State Police Command debunks gay marriage claim


The Sokoto State Police Command yesterday, cleared the air on the alleged gay marriage in the state that led to the arrest of two suspects.

Speaking to Daily Trust, spokesman of the Command, DSP Almustapha Sani, who had earlier confirmed the arrest of two persons over the allegation, said investigations revealed that the wedding was actually between a male and female but because of the presence of ‘Yan Daudu,’ who were mimicking female mannerism, people in the area thought it was gay marriage and alerted the police.
‘Yan Daudu’, shorthand for “men who act like women” in Hausa language, means “sons of Daudu,” a fun-loving, gambling spirit worshiped in the Muslim Bori practice, whose trance and dancing rituals are traditionally associated with marginalised poor women, sex workers and disabled people. (The guardian, 2013)
The landlord of the house, Alhaji Shehu Adamu confirmed that ceremony took place but that those who hired the venue were females with whom he is well acquainted and that they told him it was a wedding ceremony.