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Stop Blaming The Wrong People For Nigeria’s Problems

Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari


To say Nigeria is a big mess does not adequately describe its current state of perplexity. Our dear country dangles at the edge of economic ditch.
By now we all see how far the rot of corruption has spread and how tragically the foundations have crumbled. And by all mean, Nigerians are justified to demand explanation. But we seem to continuously nail the wrong person(s) to the cross.
We blame President Muhamadu Buhari for every bit of problem. After all, there (APC lead government) coming into office was based on the mantra of promises of CHANGE that seem to understood the Nigeria numerous challenges and that they had solutions and nearly a year now there has been almost no sight of a government that actually plan to work her talk.
However, while we may continue to debate the relative condition of the country and hardship it people is facing today versus how thing used to be in some 50 years ago, we are now face with two options: either we dwell on the past and achieve nothing, or just move on and move forward.
To me the latter is more pleasing. But first, Nigerians need to understand that most of the problems in the country today are not caused by the president. Some certain elements who are more loyal to themselves and private entities than the general development of the country are the ones responsible, not the president.
Greedy fuel marketers are responsible for the fuel scarcity, not the president. The delay in budget appropriation is as a result of the individual entities who tried to patch the budget up with unnecessary expenses, not the president.
But it is a pity some Nigerians do not know how a democratic governance operate by knowing who to blame for action or inaction in the public domain. The duties and responsibilities of Buhari as the president are finite and one single man does not rule a whole country.
There are other key players, such as lawmakers and top government officials, whose actions – or inactions – cost this country dearly.
Over 300 thousand barrels of crude oil is lost per day to resurgence of militant attacks in the Niger delta, which amount to a net loss of about $12 million per day. The shortage in oil has a ripple effect on the gas supply to the electricity turbines, resulting to low generation, and with low generation comes low distribution.
The previous administration is blamed for squandering resources leaving huge debt for the incumbent administration, and most of the blames are peg on Goodluck Jonathan and Nigerians ignorantly blamed Jonathan for everything. But we almost forgot the roles the Dasukies in his administration played.
For example, corruption under President Jonathan should have been nipped in the board by the 7th national assembly through oversight of MDAs which is one of their responsibilities; they failed the nation. They heap blame on the Presidency.
36 federating states make up Nigeria; the state assemblies are to do same as federal law makers by oversighting the state MDAs. They failed just as the federal. They failed us then and are still failing us now. This people receive allocations for the development of the various constituencies they represent. How are they checkmated to see that they spend the funds appropriately?
It is no more news that certain people profit from corruption in Nigeria. And believe it or not, this people don’t want it to stop. Ever. Whether you and I die while queuing for fuel is not their concern. Whether we you are unemployed for the rest of your life is not their concern.
In fact, they want to destroy the effort of the new administration to rebuild Nigeria so they can install their element who will aid them in stealing from you and me.
Did you know that the former minister of finance, Okojo Iweala’s 83 years old mother was kidnapped because she advised Goodluck to remove fuel subsidy when she realized that out of about s6.7 billion that it costed to subsidize fuel, about s1.5 billion was fraudulent?
Unfortunately, most of us were misinformed and misled as to why the subsidy was removed so we trooped out to risk our lives and ‘occupy naija’.

The blame game being played to fool Nigerians must stop. Nigerians should wake up. Nigerians should understand governance. Lawmakers both at the federal and state should carry out their constitutional functions.

Buhari is not Nigeria’s problem


Gaffar Habeeb

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