Sudan says Ethiopia plane crossed the border


Sudan’s foreign ministry has said an Ethiopian aircraft crossed the border, terming it as a “dangerous and unjustified escalation”.

The ministry said the incident “could have dangerous consequences, and cause more tension in the border area”.

Sudan asked Ethiopia not to repeat “such hostilities in the future given their dangerous repercussions”, Reuters news agency reports.

The two countries have had tension at their border.

Ethiopia’s foreign ministry says Sudanese armed forces have pushed into Ethiopian territory, occupying farms and looting properties.

Sudan on its part condemned what it termed as aggression by Ethiopia’s militias in the al-Quraysha region in the east.

The two countries share a 750km (466-mile) border and conflicts have been common over the decades particularly along the al-Fashaga area.

The two countries are also separately involved in three-way talks with Egypt over the future of Africa’s biggest hydropower dam, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, being built along the River Nile.

The latest round of talks being mediated by the African Union collapsed on Sunday with no agreement.