Swift action saves Malelane SUPERSPAR from fire


By Tereasa Dias

Well-trained in fire safety, staff managed to save Malelane SUPERSPAR from a complete disaster after a fire broke out on Wednesday night.

MALALANE – Malelane SUPERSPAR owner, Lex Hollman told Lowvelder that his employees had been the real heroes in saving the store.  Hollman uploaded a video of the whole fire incident on YouTube. In the video the fire can be seen growing momentum just a few metres away from the store’s gas bottles. As it grows, staff can be seeing fetching a hosepipe and dowsing the fire.

” I phoned Malelane Fire department’s Fritz Koekemoer, who came to help fight the fire. MBM Security also came to our aid.”

They managed to dowse the fire which was spreading onto pallets stacked near the trolleys. “If it had spread more and had gotten to the gas bottles, we would have lost lives and the whole store.”

Thanks to the SUPERSPAR having fitted cameras, they could detect that the fire was started under one of the trolleys when it was brought in for cleaning.

The trolley collector said he drove over an “oil filter”. The store has had incidents where taxi repairs have been done at the taxi rank where the trolleys are collected.

Hollman said they discovered the following morning that they had lost about 120 trolleys and the back wall would also have to be rebuilt. “A 5 000-litre JoJo tank also melted, but we are lucky; it could have been worse,” he added. On a Malalane social media group, a member of the public stated, “That shop belongs to the community. Thanks to God the damage was controlle