The photo doesn’t show vote-stealing in Uganda


Samuel Lando BBC Monitoring

As the presidential election results are awaited in Uganda, some online users have been sharing content not related to elections held on Thursday.

Notable has been old photos, an example being a photo from the last general election which has been widely shared.

The photo is purported to show youth stopping a police officer from stealing a ballot box.

On one Twitter account, the photo has been retweeted more than3,000 times.

But it has been taken out of context.

We have traced the photo to news stories published online in 2016 when Uganda last held presidential elections.

The description in the photo says it shows a policeman struggling to keep hold of a box containing voting material at a polling station in Ggaba, on the outskirts of the capital Kampala.

This was after excited voters surrounded him after waiting to vote for over seven hours.

The same image was also recently used to allege irregularities in elections held in Burkina Faso in November last year.