Tunisian MP wears a bullet-proof vest to parliament


Ahmed Rouaba BBC News

Tunisian MP Rached el-Ghanouchicreated a stir in parliament as she took her seat wearing a bullet-proof vest and helmet.

The controversial lawyer and leader of the opposition Destourian party said she needed to put on the “protective gear to come to parliament” to work, but fell short of saying exactly why she needed protection.

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Supporters of the MP on social media hailed her “courage and determination” to make her voice heard. However her critics described her move as a “stunt” to get public attention.

Mrs Moussi is a fierce critic of the main Islamic party, Ennahda, and the speaker of parliament Rached el-Ghanouchi.

She is also known to be a supporter of former president, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who was ousted in the 2011 popular uprising.

In March, along with some of her supporters, she stormed the premises of the Union of Muslim Scholars demanding that the international organisation be dissolved.