US has ‘blood on its hands’ over deportations


BBC Focus on Africa radio

Campaigners in the US have accused the government there of “mass human rights violations” adding that it has “blood on its hands” after 88 people were deported to Cameroon.

Sofia Casini, the director of Visitation Advocacy Strategies, has called for the deportations to be investigated.

Many of those who were flown to Cameroon had sought safety in the US after fleeing their home country due to the violence in the English-speaking part of the country.

After applying for asylum they were held in detention by the US authorities.

One man described his journey to the US through the Panama forest in Central America and how he had hoped that the US would live up to its reputation as a protector of human rights.

But the deportees complained that they were violently mistreated.

In a letter to BBC Focus on Africa, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that it did not comment on on-going operations but “in general, sensationalist unsubstantiated allegations are irresponsible, and should be treated with the greatest of scepticism”.