When Beyonce’s ‘Black Is King’ Stirred Up Controversy; Here’s The Reason Behind It


By Nehal Gautam facebook

Beyonce’s latest movie Black Is King had stirred up controversy right after the release of its trailer last year. Read further ahead to know more.

Beyonce is known to be one of the most prolific artists in the global music industry and her stardom manages to create a sensation among her fans every time she comes up with something new. The artist launched an American musical film, Black Is King, a year ago and when she released the trailer of the film, it created a buzz on the internet in a short span of time. Though the movie was loved by the audiences, its trailer created a controversy as some of the viewers called it out for romanticizing Africa and creating a fictional country in the movie. 

Black is King controversy 

According to an article by The Africa Report, Beyonce’s Black Is King stirred up controversy after its trailer was launched. The trailer was criticised for its cultural syncretism and appropriation along with creating a fictional African country the way it was depicted in one of the Marvel movies as Wakanda. The trailer depicted the queen shimmering in her glory with an all-female military army that created an imaginary and dreamy world not universally liked.

A lot of journalists and researchers responded to this and stated how the Wakandafication of the continent and Black diaspora identities were uninspired while the repeated symbolic gestures that homogenise thousands of African cultures of securing the terrain for Black capitalist possibilities & futures was tired. 

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A journalist also spoke about Beyonce’s Black Is King role was to make a statement through an aesthetic prism and even if the statement was political, it had to be packaged as beautiful and spark people’s imaginations. The journalist further added that it was too bad that Beyoncé didn’t seem to take contemporary Africa into account in her film and had rooted its imagery in a tribal Africa. She also stated how other musicians had already revisited the roots and it was about time to move on to something else. 

Beyonce also faced criticism for not touring enough in Africa but a journalist added how with Beyonce, the lines had shifted as she had spoken out for social justice.