Why are Malawi’s official results taking so long? Analysis


Emmanuel Igunza BBC News

The Malawi Electoral Commission has been scrutinising all the results forms being taken to the nationally tallying centre.

A strict protocol has been put in place: All the returning officers are escorted to the centre by security forces and once they hand over the results, they are checked again by a team that verifies if indeed they tally with what was announced at polling stations.

All political parties have observers at the national rallying centre, and if there is a dispute, it is addressed on the spot before the results can be processed and announced as official results.

This process is time-consuming but the electoral commission says it is important to make sure that the mistakes of the annulled May 2019 vote – and which are now notoriously refereed to as Tipp-Ex elections – are not repeated.

Despite the anxiety among Malawians keen for an announcement, many understand and back the electoral commission which has widely been seen to have overseen a smooth vote.