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Why Relationships Which Couples Date for Long Don’t Work

It is not strange to see couples who have been dating for over six years in the society these days. In fact, some even date for longer periods and still have hope of settling down someday with their partners.

How weird! While it may be good to date one’s partner for a reasonable period of time in order to get to know the person in question, it looks like an awful waste of time trying to keep the relationship for a longer period of time for so many reasons. This present day generation does not see the need to court for that long. There are many couples who dated and got married within six months and they are doing well in their respective homes. People who court for a longer period of time are believed to be fooling around as the chance of them being together reduces with each passing moment.  While courting for a long time could have been the trend for couples in the olden days or the older generation, this generation is being faced by lots of distractions and external forces; thus being able to keep abreast of the challenges faced during this period of time is a feat unattainable to many.

Read below some reasons why most long term relationships don’t work out;

1. Space For Cheating

Some couples date for as long as possible while trying to fix major parts of their lives. Some use education as an excuse while some use finances as their own excuse. The point is why do people venture into that kind of relationship when they are not ready to take the plunge? In most cases, some of the couples affected live in different places and tend to build their lives around the people and things surrounding them. At the long run, the thirst to explore every potential gets the best out of them and they eventually start to date other people around them. The so called flings get serious sometimes and the relationship of seven or eight years becomes wasted.

2. Avenue To Be Sampled

Long term relationships become the breeding site for free sexual sampling. Many of the couples who have been dating for over eight years can’t come out openly and declare they haven’t been burning some sexual energy. Who would they be kidding? Most people give in to the advances of their partners out of pity. The guilt of having to deny a guy of sexual pleasure while expecting him to remain faithful for that long is inevitable. Eventually, those who satisfy their partners have different tales to tell as lots of water passes under their bridge. Even with that, many people find reasons to walk out of relationships like that after becoming sex slaves or making their partners sex slaves.

3. Boredom

Most times, these long term relationships simply don’t last because the participants get bored of the whole set-up. They dread spending the rest of their lives with their partners as they have experienced what living together may be like. The spontaneity that births fun is often missing in these relationships and most people look for the easiest way to escape in order not to live their lives in regrets. Such relationships don’t thrill the couples involved after a long time. Many people fail to realize that staying for that long in a relationship doesn’t guarantee marriage; there is no binding clause so no one really feel obligated towards working it out.

4. Flaws Are Seen

Everyone has flaws. It is essential to date and see some of the flaws in one’s partner before walking down the aisle with them. Know the flaws and see if you could live with the demons they would produce. However, dating for too long exposes so many flaws for people to put up with. The flaws become terrifying and most people prefer to opt out as soon as they meet someone with burst of freshness. Some innocent, sweet, young little girl is picked over the twenty-nine year-old lady who has been waiting on the gentleman for as long as seven years.

5. Dynamics Of The Society

The society we live in now keeps evolving. The elements that sustained relationships in the past are being subjected to changes. There are so many things that make people lose focus and break their vows in marriages not to talk of relationships that are stale and non-progressive. The social media, websites that promotes nudity and the waywardness of this generation makes it near impossible to be in a relationship for as long as possible without being distracted by these vices. It would be advisable to court for a short period and make efforts to settle down while the relationship has all its glory.

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